Friday, 27 May 2011

I really should get this going...

Seriously. How long have I had this sitting open? I have so many ideas that flit around in my head that I truly need to get down into a place that maybe interested people might give me a bit of feedback.

So, here we go. Where to start? I guess it would be to introduce who I am. I'm Mel, mum to the Imp. I'm an eclectic pagan with some serious heathen leanings of the Celtic and Norse/Asatru pathways. I'm still trying to discover why, though I think it has a lot to do with my ancestry. I'm a Hoosier, but I've lived in England for over 10 years, so I've developed a lot of English habits. I still sound American, but my accent has a light overlay of English. It's rather funny sometimes, especially when I have to stop to translate things that I've forgotten in my head, or when I slip with an obvious Americanism which gets pointed out by friends (as they tumble over in laughter). I'm supposed to be on a gluten free diet, but the Imp has been on wheat trial and I've gotten into some bad habits that need to be corrected.

I've lately become more and more inspired by one of my favourite Facebook groups that has become more active, and by blogs by other Pagan mums that I've recently come across. I'm truly enjoying starting to interact more with other Pagans because I seem to have shut down for a while. I feel like I'm waking up again, and it's time to be more vocal, and to return to one of my loves, which is researching the past as a hobby, especially past societies.

The focus that I'll take in this blog will be around my random musings about everyday life...mine and that of the Imp and her compatriots, Loki and Florence (our cats, who have some truly special personalities and like to leave people with their chins on the floor in shock. Loki earned his name :P ), my thoughts on current events that stick out to me, and articles and writings on paths of various faiths, Gods and Goddesses, and whatever else happens to pass my way that inspires me.

Feel free to, good or bad, is good, but no hatefulness. I don't bite...unless nicely requested to. Please remember that what I post is my personal opinion.


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