Saturday, 28 May 2011

Random thoughts for the day...

I've had all sorts of random ideas floating around today (and on a regular basis), that I'm sure I'll eventually expand on as individual topics. I figured that this would be a good spot to get them down so I remember.

  • What are the varying views of the meaning of 'tribe' in modern western society. Is a tribe just as important now as it was with our ancestors? And is it the same as community?
  • Views on modern parenting, attachment and discipline
  • Personal and Public Celebrations, Ritual, Worship, etc., and why are they necessary?
  • The necessity of ritual tools?
  • Spirit guides, Angels, and Ghosts
  • Health and diet...Modern vs Ancestral (inspired by this post on Fern's Fronds blog)
  • The importance of your ancestry on your beliefs and faith
  • Raising a child to be independent in a world that wants them to conform
  • Crossed it possible to have patron Gods and Goddesses from multiple pantheons, and do they work together?
  • The balance of men and women in society, and why it's currently askew
  • Why handicrafts are being lost, but how necessary they are
  • Women in Heathenry

These are just a few of the ideas that I have been toying with in my brainstorms, along with studying various Gods and Goddesses of different paths, and other religions. Gosh, it sounds like a lot, and I know that more will come up, along with my normal randomness.


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