Monday, 1 August 2011

Joy Pockets (010811)

It's been a quiet one for us this week, but there's always positive things for us.

  • Spending loads of time with the Imp, even if it's just watching her play with her cars while I work on my cross stitch (though she is absolutely fascinated with it, so I really must find a kiddie-friendly alternative...maybe for her 4th birthday in January).
  • Our sunflowers starting to open this week, and how much they brighten up our drab back garden.
  • Weeding in the garden taking less time as the proper plants take over.
  • Having a new 'project' to do research to start up, and the reality hitting that it's going to happen really soon, with the Imp's grandfather buying us a double hutch off eBay, that will be housing our soon to arrive quails
  • Getting to meet a friend's menagerie, and having a first look at what will be the new additions to our family (start of our menagerie :P )
  • The letters arriving from the college with my September schedule, and the excitement that it's all going to start properly this time. Last year, I had been called up off the waiting list and started a fortnight late and couldn't get childcare funding. This year, my funding paperwork is all sorted, I'll be starting on time, and I have a clue as to what to expect.

joy pockets


Anonymous said...

And getting to SKYPE your 90 year old grandpa!!! It was a first for him and he was amazed

Melissa Wheeler said...

That too :D . I'm just still really upset that my laptop chose that time to pack it in, when it's normally fine. Let me know when he's next there so we can do it again, because I think that he'll be more comfortable with you there.