Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I don't want to be some average anybody...

What would be the point if we were all the same? I fully admit to being weird and random. I don't want to be the leader, but I also don't want to follow the crowd. I get a bit fed up of a society that expects individuals to all fit in the same box. I can't even go out to a normal shop to buy a plain women's t shirt because they're too short...I'm 5'8, and the average British woman is 5'4. Granted, if I could get away with it, I'd be in Viking or Celtic traditional day wear, at least similar to what preservationists wear. It looks so much more comfortable that our daily clothes. To not be expected to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans (seriously, that actually isn't likely to happen for me), yourself to be a super-skinny automatons.

I love to read, but not the 'chick-lit' that seems to be so popular. No, try fantasy and science fiction for me, especially high fantasy. I roleplay Dungeons and Dragons, too. At 34. It allows me to socialise with friends, be creative, and relax. I'm extremely random in my musical tastes, and it depends on my mood as to what I'm listening to. My current music ranges on my MP3 player range from Within Temptation, Loreena McKennitt, Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Train, a few Glee tracks, Josh Groban, and My Chemical Romance.

Being normal it boring, so I choose not to be :)

Here is one of my favourite songs that truly speaks to my randomness..."Counting Airplanes" by Train. I thought I would share it, to go with my mood.



Sylvanna said...

So you're saying I'm not normal? :)

Melissa Wheeler said...

:D It's all about being proud to not be normal. Life is more fun when you don't follow the herd. Ok, sometimes it's necessary to occasionally stand in the queue as a compromise, but there's nothing wrong with standing there and dancing to the music in your head (I do that on the bus...the looks I get are fantastic)

Kitty said...

You are normal for our social group. Does that count? ;)

Normal is a myth anyways. :)