Monday, 25 July 2011

Joy Pockets (250711)

I have a few Joy Pockets from this last week.

  • Yet more leaps in the Imp's speech. She's gone from being a very quiet child to chattering almost non-stop. And the more that comes out, the funnier and cheekier she is. I had to walk away from her and her Grumpy in a shop on Saturday, because she essentially 'zinged' him. She shouldn't be so much of a smart aleck to her grandfather, but unfortunately I couldn't help but split a side laughing, so had to walk away so she couldn't see me laughing so hard about it.
  • Day out to Rand Farm Park. Nevermind the hayfever after-affect, watching the Imp glued to a woman milking a cow, getting over her nerves of feeding the goats and donkeys, and being so enthralled and gentle with the rabbits was lovely. It was also a shock when we went so she could pet the bunnies that she immediately spotted the girl guide troop there that had been told to sit in a row on a bench to take their turn, and she squidged her bum right in the middle of them, and sat as good as gold (they were older, and I think she sat even better than they did).

The Imp with the Bunny

  • The summer flowers. I think I actually enjoy them more than spring flowers.

Purple wildflowers on our way to the park

Japanese-breed sunflower in our back garden
  • The Imp starting to appreciate then environment around her, and actually enjoying a short trip through the nearby woods.
Walking on a path through the woods

  • Friends that checked on me after injuring myself on Wednesday.
  • Friday Night Girly Night! We had such a fantastic giggle that I've not had for a while. 
  • Being gifted veg, eggs, and quail's eggs fresh from a friend's allotment. We go through loads of veg and eggs, so it's highly appreciated. And we had never tried quails' eggs before, and I think the Imp is now hooked. It was the first time that I've let her peel her own boiled eggs, and she was amazingly quick (and doing a better job than I was).
Our rather pretty quails' eggs


joy pockets

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