Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I've just spent the last hour catching up on one of the programs that I recorded off the satellite, "Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in the Middle Ages" that was on BBC4 yesterday evening. Last week was an episode on ancient luxuries. Also during my viewing, a discussion started on one of my Facebook groups about what we would do if we were to win the huge £166 million on the Euromillions lottery this coming Friday. I didn't have to actually think about it, because when you're as skint as I am, the 'what-ifs' are regularly circulate in your head.

Granted, I'd have to actually play the lottery to win it, but what would I do with £166million? A lot, actually. There's no question that my debts would be paid in full the moment the money hit the bank. All three of my kids would have a trust fund set up for them, not to be accessed until they are old enough to have been taught the proper responsibility and seriousness that a huge amount of money would require. I'd have a bespoke five or six bedroom home built in some rolling hills, with a huge kitchen, specific craft room, and library, and the open invitation for a couple of my closest friends to join us. On top of that, both sets of my parents, my daughter's grandfather, and my closest friends would be set for life. A huge portion would go to very specific charities. And, finally, I would contemplate carrying on the idea that I had been in a group for in Indianapolis before I emigrated, and that is to open a Pagan community centre dedicated to public education and fellowship. With that amount of money, maybe two of them with a dedicated trust fund that pays to keep them running.

To be honest, I probably wouldn't live in what could be seen as the massive trappings that people would rush in to. Yes, I'd have a new wardrobe of clothing. It would actually be all in the style that I prefer to wear instead of what I have now, which has bits and pieces, but most of my clothes are just what I can barely afford, and beggars can't always be choosers. But I'm not into piles of jewellery and designer labels. I would get my driver's license but probably only have one utilitarian vehicle. I enjoy travelling around the UK, but my serious wanderlust has died down as I've gotten older and I've become a real homebody. Seeming a small amount amongst that huge sum, I would naturalize just so I have the right to vote.

I can definitely say that the Imp will not have everything to her heart's desire. That wouldn't teach her anything. I would still teach her how to keep a budget, just like I keep now. I would still teach her grace, humility, and thankfulness for everything she has. Just as I do now. Yes, we would have better things, but nothing flash. What's the point of advertising? Does that actually do anybody any good? Not really. It's hurtful to those who don't have much, and the pressure would be hard on you with the expectations placed on you.

To be honest, I wouldn't want that much money. I don't need that much. If I were to have a lottery windfall (again, I would have to play to win), I'd be happy with enough to buy us a decent house and enough to put into accounts that would set us up for life of paying our bills and taxes, and keep us comfortable.


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